Old Fashioned Rotary Dial Phone

A Quick Phonecall Sometimes Gets You An Easy Refund

You Don’t Always Need to Put Your Complaint in Writing to Get Your Money Back

I always dread getting those bills that just don’t add up: the ones that are much larger than you expected, or that suddenly demand a huge increase in your monthly direct debit amount for no apparent reason. From time-to-time, I’m left with the impression that utility companies in particular are ‘testing the water’ to see what they can get away with. Continue reading

Writing a Letter to Demand a Refund – General Tips

This post will outline some further general advice for writing an effective letter to demand a refund or issue a complaint about a product or a service. These general tips will set you on the right track to getting compensation or redress from the organisation you are complaining to.

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Writing a Complaint Letter – Get the Basics Right First

This is the first of a series of posts that will deal with how to write a letter of complaint or a demand for a refund. Subsequent posts will go into more detail and cover the more subtle nuances of writing your letter, but for now, we need to quickly run over the basics that you absolutely must get right. Continue reading