Writing a letter of complaint, or a demand for a refund is often a daunting task and one which is easily put off.  From my own personal experience I can attest to rationalising away the need to do it by convincing myself that it’s pointless and that it’ll never amount to anything. My own personal experience has however also proven that the rewards can make it worthwhile, not only because it has given me the chance to put right a moral wrong, but also because it has put me in a better position financially.

All this is not to say that raising formal complaints is a way of ‘getting one up on the corporations’ and making a living out of their mistakes. We don’t condone deliberately trying to engineer situations that allow you to take unfair advantage of a situation. What we do want to encourage is good customer service and higher-quality products; we want to make it cheaper for organisations to get it right first time than to address their mistakes afterwards for the small number of customers who could be bothered to complain. If by encouraging others to lodge more successful complaints we can make organisations take the standard of their customer service more seriously, then we believe we can tip the balance in the consumer’s favour.

We’re just interested in standing up for the little guy – after all we live in a free-market economy where supposedly anybody can succeed, but of course some people happen to be holding a lot more cards than others. So to this end we hope that this site can put an Ace up the sleeve of those who just want to play a couple of successful hands before they leave the table with their winnings intact.